Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fire and Ice

This past Sunday there was an outdoor festival downtown. Patrick told me there would be ice sculptures so I expected a calm event with ice sculptures scattered about. I was a bit off. The ice sculptures were being arved in front of an audience which sometimes involved interested children putting the carvers in a claustrophobic situation. It was interesting but we never saw a finished schulpture. There was also one stage with a band and another with a radio station broadcasting live. There was also a
mound of snow brought in from the nearby Hartz Mountains. This is when I realized that BS will not get an accumulation of snow (Patrick said it may happen once a decade). Poor deprived children. Note in the first photo, the children are sledng down a hill with an incline no greater than 5 feet and if you can't tell the snow is fenced in and all of it is visiblei n that photo. I guess it's not a problem that we don't own a shovel! The next picture is an artist carving ice into a bull. Followed by a building, while I do like the looks of the building, the reason for this photo is the yellow sign. Note the 11:2 this is to show that the Braunschweig soccer team won 11 games in the second league. It is funny to me becasue the 11 wins don't even ammount to a winning record as there were 30 some odd games in the season. But these signs are everywhere and they even make t-shirts! The final photo is me in front of the Opera house looking really tired for some reason. Actualy, it's a pretty bad photo I'm not sure why I even included it...avert your eyes, it is too complicated to remove one photo.

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