Wednesday, February 07, 2007


M, I am sorry to inform you but Germans are not huge leggings fans. I see the occasional pair here and there but they are often worn with boots and a skirt completely tactfuly. Old ladies do not wear leggings and the naked legging is few and far between here. I imagine leggings are more frequently worn in Providence, esp. due to the close proximity of high school and college students to your house. However, you will be excited to learn about hte German infatuation with hair dye. Words can do this crime against the scalp no justice. First of all, age appropriateness is completly abused. I think my favorite example occured on the train one day after my training in Hanover. Train seats face each other so I arrived and sat in a block of four. As the train filled up an older woman sat down across from me. I had seen her on the platform and noted her rediculous scarf, it was green and fury and looked as if she was growing grass around her neck but I digress. Upon closer inspection, I noticed her scarf was the least offensive part of her get up. First of all, her hair was pure white (quite possibly dyed that way) but right in the front about a 2in wide section was dyed red. Keeping in mind, when Germans dye their hair red it is not in a natural hue but more of a crayon red. In addition, her hair was teased to stand up at least 3in abover her forehead. To top off the look, she had black eye brows. Upon deeper inspection I observed that said eyebrows were drawn on, why black? Beyond the hair dye and scarf, she was wearing no less than 4 gold necklaces and a ring on almost every finger. Speaking of fingers, her nails were fake and air brushed and at least two weeks over due for a fill. Let's talk about paperwork. Despite the fact that Germans, are environmentaly conscience they also love paper work. For example, in order to get a bank account i not only needed to bring my passport and visa but I also needed the paperwork I filled out to recieve my visa as proof of residency. I didn't even apply for a line of credit, simply a bank account so I could get paid since that is done only by direct deposit. There are some things I wil nevver understand.

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