Friday, February 16, 2007

CV Photos

I am the new owner of CV photos. These things are serious business in Germany. It seams that every photo studio advertises them. They are for your C.V. (resume). The purpose is to show that you are friendly. Personaly, I think they are seriously close up and my smile is fake, The horizontal one that cuts off the top of my head was shot like that on purpose, aparently that shows ur friendliness better. They are also seriously close up. Only one goes on the C.V. (I think) though I'm not sure if it is the which one and as such I'm also not sure why I have 2. I'm sure that will be soon learned. However, I am currently interviewing for a job that I would love so I hope I never have to use these photos. But I still think Anne dis a great job taking the photos. I guess this makes me a bit more European and a bit more professional, if only on paper.

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