Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Was ist das?

Das ist Doner (two dots should be over the o). The pronunciation sounds like dooner. This is the most popular fast food in Germany. I heard all about it before I even left America as my German friends were craving it more and more as their return home drew closer. One day I walked into a room of German students in Rhode Island naming all of the Doner shops in Braunschweig. It seemed to go on forever as they all knew of different shops and assorted sauces. Essentially every doner starts with heated bread. It's thicker than a pita and more dense than American sandwich bread. The bread is either in the triangle form seen here or oval shaped. The oval is nicer when it comes to keeping the contents of the doner inside. The meat is either lamb or chicken, occasionally you will find ground beef, and always shaved off of a rotating heated poll in front of you. I had both the lamb and chicken thus far and this picture if of lamb as the chicken is quite greasy (fat is involves so it does not dry out on the pole). The usual veggies include kraut (red and sour), onions, lettuce and sometimes tomatoes and at least two sauces, the type of which varies by shop. I was lucky today as I found a shop that had lettuce and tomatoes and green peppers and plain white yoghurt. I also agreed to "tomato" sauce which was more of a curry sauce but quite delicious. I never order onions or red kraut but the normal kraut adds a nice crunch to the sandwich. I have yet to finish a whole donor (I've had 4 total) and hear it takes time and practice. I'm not sure I will ever get there nor do I care too. Want to split one with me?


Melissa said...

Wow that totally brings me back to David (Da-vid) and the roasting sheepdog on a pole that Rob and Rui were OBSESSED with in Marseille. I don't mean to turn you off... I'm pretty sure it wasn't really sheepdog.

schuggi said...


I really really really miss Doener!!!
I hope you're having fun over in BS, and that Patrick is kind of behaving.

By the way:
your kitchen looks like a perverted nightmare...

Have fun and keep missing me!