Saturday, October 28, 2006

My new favorite bakery

I had my first German Pretzel today. It was from a shop called Back Factory (Bake Factory) and it was delicious. Think of a soft pretzel but totaly fresh and made with dough that's more like bread than cardboard. At the Back Factory, everything is baked on site which means it is also really cheap! I also bought a mozzarella and tomato sandwich on a nice crispy roll to save for later. In addition to fresh food and cheap prices, Back Factory has slushies!!! This was the first slushie machine I've seen in Germany. It was early and cold so I didn't get one but soon I will have a pretzel and a slushie for lunch and be a happy girl :) Overall, German bakeries are noteable. First of all they small delicious, second we don't have the same type of bakeries in the US and third they are the best way to start your day. I look foward to a hot chocolate and crossiant on my walk to work in the winter.

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