Friday, October 27, 2006

Chicago in London

Advertisements in London claim America's sweetheart is playing Roxy Heart in Chicago the musical. I'm not sure that Ashlee Simpson is exactly America's sweetheart but I was excited to see her West End performance. Since I spent 5 months in London a few years back I knew how to buy tickets to a musical via TKTS. Approaching the board my dreams of Ashlee Simpson in London were deflated, the only seats left to the 8pm showing were single seats. It was not about 3pm. Then I noticed a flyer advertising the 4:30pm showing, checked with the ticket salesman to be sure Ashlee would be performing in this and asked if two seats were avaliable together. Aparently he had 2 in the front row of the stalls. I didn't remember which seats were stalls but figured the front row of any section should be decent and this was my only shot to see the show. We had an hour to kill so ice cream in Leichester square seemed like the best way to spend our time. When we arrived at the theatre I was suprised at its size, much smaller than I expected. The stalls, I quickly learned, were on the floor and row AA is directly in front of the stage. I could touch the stage with my feet while seated. The orchastra was not in a pit but on the stage so the show would take place about 2 feet in front of our seats. I was beyond excited to have seats this good to any show. When the show began Patrick was imediatly convinced of my choice by the girls' costumes. Ashlee impressed me. She may not have been the strongest voice on stage but to make the transfer from pop star to stage performer is impressive. And to think her beginings were clouded with stories of lip singing. She was so close, I could see the tattoo od cherries she has on her ankle. In the end of the show Roxy and her new stage partner give out roses to the audience and Ashlee handed me one. HAHA it is kind of pathetic but yes I still have it :) These are the nights memories are made of.

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