Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Under Construction - The story of my days

So this is what the kitchen looks like at present. German apartments do not come with a kitchen as an American would expect it to look. When I moved in the room was a white box with a bit of tile on the wall and a light (but the former tenant owns the light and she will soon be removing that too). Luckily we were able to find someone who wanted to get rid of their kitchen so we now have the makings of a functional kitchen. The room itself is quite spacious but the setup is opposite the one of the kitchen we removed the furniture from so it is presenting quite a logistical issue. A saw may be required. For now I am working to paint the cabinents that pinkish color you see as all were a honey shade of wood straight out of the 80's. I do love the 80's but only in fashion not on a daily basis in the kitchen. Speaking of giving the kitchen I need to get myself in gear as I have to have all renovations finished and dry by tomorrow morning. That's when we call in the troops and the saw and solve those previously mentioned space issues. I hope everything works out!

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