Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

It took me, three Christmas seasons in Germany but I finallz made it to the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg. This is THE Christmas market known around the world, the one where you meet the most tourists and the fewest Germans. Don't quote me on that ratio but we did hear English, French, Italian and Japanese while there. After hearing so much about Nuremburg from my parents, friends' parents, former residents and friends, I had high expectations for this evening but not too high as I didn't want to ruin the evening. I'm sure you are dying to hear what I thought Overall, I would reccommend it but not if you can only choose one Christmas market to go to in Germany. I consider myself an experienced Christmarket go-er and Nuremburg was very different than all the otheres. It was the biggiest I've visited, although Lubeck is a close second. We were there on a cold, rainy, Sunday which, I think kept crowds low but it was still bretty busy. Christmas markets usually have interesting "specialty" food stands and we intended to eat dinner there. However, in Nuremburg you could pretty much get Nuremburger wursts (3 small sausages in a roll). Not that these are bad, I'm just not a wurst kind of girl and was looking for a little variety. We found one stand selling corn on the cob which made me think they may have something interesting but they only sold 1/2 meter wursts and frikdelle (what would result if a hamburger could breed with a meatball). I chose the latter and gave up my desire for an exotic dinner. In addition to a less than desirable food selection, there was a limeted selection of booths, Not including the international sister city booths where Atlanta was represented by Coke T-shirts, peanut butter, Betty Crocker and hard apple cider unfortunately not the authentic American version) staffed by a very friendly Georgian woman. For German booths, the selection was a bit repetitive. Basically there were the aforementioned sausages, lebkuchen (like gingerbread and considered a local specialty even though you can get it throughout the country), prune men, christmas ornaments and the standard candy booths. Overall, I'm so lad we went and it was not disapointed with the exception of starbucks for closing just when we were excited to get out of the rain and enjoy a Christmas latte.

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