Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

First off, let me just say, there are Christmas posts in my brain which are forthcoming when I can upload the associated photos sometime after Sunday when I'm reunited with my lap top. Due to Ryanair's strick handbaggage allowance and rediculous checked baggage fees, we traveled with one piece of hand luggage for 11 days and I just could not get my lap top into my 10 kilo limit. On to New Years, I'm currently preparing to head to a friend's apartment for what I anticipate to be a calm NYE in comparrison to my ringing in of 2008 in NYC. We will be eating fondu and setting off fireworks. I'm a bit skeptical about tha latter activity as all of Germany has fireworks for tonight as NYE or Sylvester (yes, like the cat) as it is known in these parts is the only day fireworks are legal and absolutely everyone takes advantage of this. As a fireworks novice, Patrick bought me the XL kids pack, consisting of poppers and sparklers, but he has 15 rockets and 80 of those red explosive sticks for himself. Fireworks are for sale at all the grocery stores, home depot type shops and most likely gas stations for the last three days of the year. Here's to hoping I make it to the New Year ;) Good Slide!! See you on the other side.

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