Sunday, December 07, 2008

A peek into my Office

It've wanted to put these up for some time now but I kept forgetting to take them and then I got new furniture so I figured now would be the best time. Here's a look at the place I go everyday, the Lehrstuhl for Marketing III, otherwise known as the Department of Marketing 3. Basically there are three marketing departments at the university, soon to be four. This is different than what I was used to from URI where there was only one marketing department and several marketing professors. We have 3 departments each headed up by a professor and each working towards their own research in a style of their choosing. Each individual department is responsible for teaching classes in the B.S., Masters and various MBA programs at the University and the Mannheim Business School (which is seperate from but intertwined with the University in a way I'm not yet 100% clear on). So, without further explanation, here is my office, starting with the name plate.
the view from my window
the before shot with my small desk and couch
after the new furniture came, note the second desk for my future roomate

This is the man who looks like he is going to jump. He's standing on the ledge in the middle of the second floor of the Mannheim Business School building and I'm not sure if he is intended to look like a jumper or just be a symbol of a business man, regardless of intentions, his positioning is ironic.

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