Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please Excuse my Technical Inability

Somehow my last post turned into a link to one photo but the links on Merkel and Bad Wimpfen, etc. still work. I don't know how to fix this. I also don't know how to add more than 5 pictures to a post (I think I solved this problem) and as you may have noticed my blog layout is pretty boring. I guess this all means I should learn htma. An suggestions? For now, I'm just going to post 5 more photos her and 5 in a following post. On the topic of Christmas Markets, Patrick and I met up with Paulo, an old college friend of mine (think frehman year in Bressler) who hapens to be living about 30 minutes away and was in town for business and looked me up on Facebook (now that's a good reason for social networking mom). We went to the Mannheim Christmas Market by the Water Tower which also happens to be the one "scenic" thing in Mannheim besides the Castle. I hear there is a museum in the castle but I digress. Are you geting into the Christmas spirit yet?
The oh so Famous (or not) Water Tower, it is actually pretty and surronded by fountains in the summer. RI Representin'
On the way out, we saw Barbara...
standing under this "secure" disco ball in a tree.
(M, that one is for you) This is the Heidelberg Christmas Market from after work last Wednesday. One of the many incognito trash cans.
I love how the candy booths look, so much color and sugar!
My colleagues and I in a wine cellar at a Christmas party.

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