Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Over Caffeinated and Under Focused

I know I shouldn't be over caffeinated and currently drinking a cappuccino but, you must understand the circumstances. First of all it is COLD, and I'm not exaggerating, the temperature has been below zero (Celsius) for over a week solid as evidenced by the snow that fell last Monday morning (welcome back from Christmas vacation) and still covers the ground 9 days later with no sign of melting. So warm drinks are eagerly welcomed by my body. Secondly, my boss has been home sick since late last week and I'm impatiently awaiting her feedback to a paper I wrote (my first) for submission to an international conference. The submission deadline is TODAY. I also have loads of PowerPoint slides to make before I can visit my family (recall that I spent Christmas in Germany) the last week in January as they need to be completed by Feb. 2nd and I arrive in Germany the morning of. Needless to say my finger nails have no chance of survival under such circumstances so I've turned to caffeine (not healthy) and sport (better) to relieve some of my tension and stress. Either way, I can't concentrate on my slides until this paper is officially submitted correctly so I impatiently await the feedback and try to plan out my slides with as little distraction as possible. Clearly it's not working as I'm blogging is not part of the slide making process.

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