Monday, October 27, 2008

Rise Dollar Rise!

In the midst of this terrible financial crsis, the US dollar has been gaining strength on the Euro like crazy. As of two minutes ago, told me the exchange was $1.24 to 1 EUR. That is about ten cents stronger than when I first moved to Germany two years ago, and the EURO costs 4 cents less today than when I went to t he ATM last week! Mostly, I've been paying attention to the USD/EUR relationship for obvious reasons but thanks to a new format on where they display popular currencies at a glance, I noticed the USD/GBP ratio is 1.53/1 which is about the rate it was in 2003 when I lived in London. At that time, in 2003, the USD/EUR ration was about 1.15/1. Which makes me think that the EUR is holding its value better than the GBP. It's also kind of interesting that it took a global financial crsis to bring the dollar up. I'm going to start paying for everything I can with my dollar based crredit card from now on ;) In case you were wondering, it's safe to go to Canada again, the USD is worth about 1.29 Canadian dollars today.

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