Friday, January 25, 2008

Who Needs an Apartment, I'm Moving to Lufthansa

I am currently on a plane. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for me and the fact that it is a Lufthansa plane has almost become expected at this point. I realize that I’ve flown exclusively on Lufthansa in the past few months (excluding that one AirCanada incident we will no longer speak of). I can determine my seat by the ticket most times. I know where the tissues are in the bathroom and I even know that all Lufthansa planes are named for cities in Germany. There is one named Braunschweig and I happened to be on it on my way home from Paris last summer, I haven’t seen it since. I no longer listen to the safety announcements and I don’t fear for my safety. In fact when I fly on other airlines I now recognize that they sometimes use different planes. For the most part, Lufthansa flies Airbus but they also have these crazy propeller planes that involve boarding from the rear and are made by another company I’ve never heard of. I know Lufthansa’s policy for flight crew and pilots. They must fly in their uniform and if they wish to fly in anything other than economy them must buy their own tickets, at a discounted rate of course. Lufthansa is the German National carrier and most Germans see it as a high quality airline in which they take a great deal of proud. I now see why. Maybe the Canadians should take heed. All Lufthansa needs is internet so I could post this blog from the air. Currently I’m flying to Rome, Italy. I love flying anywhere in Italy or Switzerland as you fly over the alps. If you ever do this during daylight hours, be sure to request a window seat as the view is unbelievable. Today it is dark but I was able to get a perk of the snow on the peaks. We are currently flying over Milan and experiencing a bit of turbulence (I know this from the pilot). For such a major city, it’s pretty dark. In comparison to most American cities, European cities use less electricity. This is visible from the air where you realize not all roads are lit at night. You can also see the difference in structure in that US cities touch each other (at least they do on the east coast). For the most part, European cities are separated from each other by farm land. From the sky these distances look short but on the ground there is probably about 30 minutes at least between cities and it is necessary to use the highway to get from place to place. The network of back roads that one finds in RI just does not exist. This is particularly frustrating when there is traffic on the highway. This reflection is making me realize that I spend too much time in the air. On a completely different, and land based, note, we gave notice today that we are moving in 3 months. Patrick is deciding between two job offers as you read this and soon I’ll know if we are moving to Cologne or Heidelberg. I’m kind of pulling for the latter as it is closer to Frankfurt airport and I hear it is a very pretty city. I’ve never been to either but look forward to looking at potential apartments. Patrick picked the Braunschweig apartment on his own and while I like it I am still excited to have a say this time around. I’m looking forward to a balcony and a dedicated office for me. Now that we will both have jobs, there will also be a dishwasher (a true necessity) and hopefully a new couch. I think we will finally give in to owning that TV Patrick is storing in his parents’ basement and adding a DVD player to go with said comfy couch. I just hope we can find a cute, cheap little apartment. Keep your fingers crossed for the apartment of our dreams. J

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