Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little Bit of Good News

Patrick is frantically running errands today as he did yesterday and I'm sure will continue to do all week in preparation of his new job. At one point today, he walked into my office and said I got rid of that thing in the basement. That thing in the basement is best described as an entertainment center on steroids. A friend was getting rid of it and Patrick's sister had just moved into a new apartment so, being the caring brother he "claimed" it for her. His friend threw out all of the other stuff from his apartment and then Patrick went over to breakdown and load up this monster (against my better judgement) they quickly learned it was too big for either car (a mini van and a station wagon) so Patrick set off to rent a trailer to move it. 3 gas stations later, he finaly found a trailer to rent and then realized he did not have a trailer hook on his car. They decided the best wat to transport this was using a moving bucket on wheels and wheeling each of the 6 pieces the 3 blocks from his friends apartment to ours. They did this and then put all of the pieces in our basement (luckily our apartment comes witha basement) until Patrick could figure hout how to move the thing to his sitster's apartment 3 hours away. Hence why it is still in our basement. Well our neighbor had stored something in our basement section before we put a lock on the door so Patrick lent him the key to get his stuff out, upon collecting the key this morning said neighbor asked if he could have the giant piece of furniture. So it officially took care of itself and I guess Patrick gets points for keeping this monstrosity out of a landfill. Most importantly it will not be moving to our new apartment and that is what makes me so happy! Small victories :)

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