Friday, January 25, 2008

Spotted in the Rome Airport...

S and B escaping from reality, right I'm not Gossip Girl, but in my reality there was a man in tucked in UGGS. I immediately thought of the 3 M's Mitzi for mentioning the man she saw in a NYC bar with his pants tucked into his UGGS, Margo for wanting to meet said man and fall in love and Melissa for bringing me into it all. Well either the NYC man is on the move or this really is a fashion thing, Italy and NYC are typicaly trend setters, although this trend is good for no one. Men should not wear UGGs. Unfortunately I was unable to get a shot of his head as I snapped this deicretely as my work contact walked up to the airport snack bar to get us some wine.
Also spotted in Rome at the Cavaliri Hilton, Shirley MacLaine eating dinner. There is no photo as that would have been rude but she was sitting in the restaurant where our BOD dinner was held so it was inevitable to walk by her table on the way to ours. I linked you to her website in case you want to try and determine why she was in Rome.

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