Monday, September 03, 2007

Life and Brussels

If you're ever on a game show, please do not wear pants under a dress. I'm in my hotel room in Brussels, so glad I traveled in the day before the meeting as I think I got a cold from being cold yesterday. I learned that this was a myth and you could not get a cold from being cold and my legs were cold, how do you get sick from having cold leggs?!?! and why did summer skip me this year? All of this irrelevant really because I need to do a life update and I want to try to classify Brussels as a European City in its own right. Let's start with the initial purpose of this update, it's been way too long. I've had a vacation, a proposal and a birthday all in the same weekend and if that was not enought to overwhelm me, I've startred traveling for work again. In case the news hasen't traveled yet, I'm engaded. I'm actually thinking an engagement deserves its own post and one of those written in the third person so check back soon this may happen tomorrow in the airport. So I'm in Brussels until tomorrow evening then I have a train ride and eventually I'll make it home, I'm in the office Wednesday and Thursday and then my parents come on Friday. I'm getting incredibly excited for their visit. In fact, I frequently forget how hectic my week with them will be and what needs to be done in preparation for their visit. On top of it all, I need to complete my budget for work before going on vacation! Either way, I'm so excited!!! I'm also so excited for my summer dresses. I think because I haven't really had opprutunity to wear my sun dresses, I feel like it's coming and haven't yet realized winter is what's coming! Brussels is an interesting city. There are clear influences of Paris, like the language. Many of the shops are the same as in Germany and the people are a mix from various places in Europe. Belgium waffles sent the streets and are sold at sketchy looking stands by sketchier vendors about every 50 meters. I never thought of Brussels as anything more than the home of the EU/EC. This in itself made it interesting to me. However, this is my second trip here and I'm realizing Brussels also has culture and is an emerging market in the world of fashion. Brussels is also the second city in which I've found Jennyfer. I'm intrigued and glad to know I'll be back here one more time this year. Well, I'm off to wander Brussels in search of a restaurant and some budget planning.

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