Saturday, August 04, 2007

What a Morning

This morning I suggested a walk and breakfast. I needed to return something downtown and figured I should make the most of the morning as Patrick was planning on going to a soccer game in the afternoon with the boys but I didn't have a ticket so I would be spending the day on my own. We had breakfast at this new bakery. It was okay, more than what I expected, less than what Patrick expected. Overall, the prices were low and the food was average and the chairs were both cute and comfprtable. We finished breakfast, returned my hair dryer and continued to walk around town. I was on a mission to find some nice tea roses. I later learned their German name but alas I forgot it and it wasen't as cute as tea roses. So we started with the flowershop we always walk by. They always have pretty flowers but I've never bought any. As we approached, I noticed there was no sign, the shop had no name, strange. The selection of tea roses and other flowers was just as vast an beautiful as I remembered so I didn't htink anything of it. I found a variety of long stem roses that I just fell in love with. They are light pink and a pale green. I'm not sure how else to describe them. I convinced Patrick to ask if these flowers were normal and if they always have them as I'd never seen them anywhere before and that is when he learned that the shop is closing in 2 weeks. I guess that explained the lack of a sign. It was still my favorite slower shop so I was sad to hear. We kept walking. Patrick remembered the Cinemaxx was having a trailer show, free viewing of previews for umcoming movies. he suggested we go. I wanted to squeeze in one more flowershop first so we continued to wander. As we walked back towards the city center, I saw a woman fall and when I pointed it out to Patrick, he ran over toward her (he used to be in the Red Cross). So this woman had hit her head on a cement stair and was pouring blood from the back of her bed. They literally used a roll of paper towels to absorb the blood. I could not handle the ammounts of blood and had to walk away. I was really shacken up by this, it kind of bothered me. All I could think of was that this woman could be someone's mother or grandmother and they don't even know she is in this situation. The rescue came and took over, Patrick washed the blood off of his hands and we walked away. I still didn't feel calm, I needed some time to walk it off. We walked back by the flower shop and Patrick bought me the rose that I fell in love with.

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