Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Welcome to FedEx, err.. my apartment

I work from home and so does Patrick on most days. I get it, we're here during the day when packages are delivered. Our friends downstairs were expecting a package and going away for the week so they left a note for the postman to leave the package with us. He did, they got it when they returned. Somehow this has opened the flood gates for the postman to come directly to us when anyone in the building is not home. It has now extended beyond the post to all delivery men. Today we got two packages. I actually answered the door for the second one expecting it to be the owner of the first one here to claim his book (the package is from Amazon, I can only assume). This delivery man was here once before and he is one of those people you could accurately describe as "a hoot!". He talks a mile a minute and resembles my Pop-Pop in looks. Today, he was intrigued by my last name and asked me something so fast all I could do was smile and say I have no don't find many Fitzgeralds in germany. The funny thing about all of these packages is that my next door neighbors are actually both home during the day as she is a house wife and he is unemployeed, they have 2 kids and 2 dogs and are not my favorite people. Quite frankly, we are the better choice to ensure your packages stays clean and safe while it awaits your return. The upside to being the local post office is that we get to check in with the neighbors when they stop by for their packages and they often find it necessary to tell us what is in them. Some of the things we've recieved for our neighbors include a canvas (about 16x20), an overnight bag sent without a box, a large box from Tchibo that could have held a small child and several standard looking book/CD type packages. If only I could recieve my own packages from my online shopping, which reminds me, mom's getting my Lilly dress today! At least i can still track clothing shipped from US websites.

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