Saturday, January 20, 2007

Training in Hanover

I'm training to be an English teacher and I'm just about half way through my training. English teacher may be a bit fesious, technicaly it's an English trainer position. Training has been good thus far. At first I was a bit overwhelmed but each day, it becomes more familiar. Four days down, five more to go. I guess I am most worried about Monday. On Monday we have Center orientation. From the title, I expected it to be a relaxing day spent meeting people and learning the ins and outs of our local branches. -I am part of a regional training which takes place just under an hour from where I will be working.- On Friday, I learned that it is more of a test as we must each prepare a 20 minute lesson to present to our boss. Basicaly pretend to teach a class and be judged. The reason this makes me nervous is that the training process is like one long interview so I am not yet guaranteed a position and thus need to impress. Tonight I am babysitting with Patrick for a friend of his so I plan to write out my lesson plan and practice on him. :)

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