Monday, January 22, 2007

Falling into Place

Things are begining to fall into place today. First of all, my "test" was not as I anticipated, in fact, it was much less stressful. I think I did well at centere day. I am clready schuled to teach on Monday the 29th pending my visa. So I sent another email to my internship asking for urgent attention to be paid to my letter. My work-a-holic boss completed it and sent it to me after 10pm tonight for which I am very greatful but I guess I also feel bad for him. I never want to be at work at 10pm. I do realize that it was email and thus he very well could have done it from his home computer but somehow, the idea of thinking about work at 10pm after working all day is disheartening to me. Anyway, pending my visa being granted, I'm ready to start teaching on Monday and I will settle a schdule with my internship soon thereafter. I only have a possibility to work 50 hours there total it seems which is a bit discouraging but still better than nothing. To top off my day of progress, Patrick and his friend/our neighbor Thommy installed our washing machine today which should be nice. An added bonus to my day is learning that the language school has the most amazing coffee machine ever, it's digital and includes so many choices. I discovered the cappuchino special plus vanilla. Pretty much it is cappuchino meets hot chocolate and if that couldn't get any better they add a shot of vanilla syrup aannd teachers get the key to the coffee machine so I can have as many coffees as I want for free. Which sounds impressive but they really only charge 25 cents anyway which is pretty much free for students and such. I see a lot of caffiene and sugar in my future ;) On a serious note, I met a lot of the other teachers and got to know my boss much better and am really looking foward to begining my new job. Now I only need to get throuogh 4 more days of training in Hannover and I'll be set!

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