Monday, January 29, 2007

My First Day as an English Trainer

First, it should be mentioned that my computer had a brief bout with a virus and escaped unharmed, however, all my websites are now defaulting to German. Any suggestions as to how I can convince my computer to default to English again? Anyway, today was my first day of teaching. I tried to prepare ahead of time this weekend and came up with a lot of technical questions related to the pacing of the material and such so I went to the center to finish my prep about an hour early. I got all of my questions cleared up and met some more of my collegues. I never finished my prep work. I drank 2 delicious cups of coffee (1 vanilla and 1 chocolate capucchino). In the end, it helped my confidence that I didn't fully prep and was able to teach straight from the book. Class went well, time flew by. I have 2 students for 5 hours in their office. I learned that their office is in fact much closer to the train station then I was told. Both are middle aged men and both are in charge of their departments. One has a larger grasp of the English language than the other and tends to cheat and use a bit of German but I'm getting on him haha. Clearly, I can lay down the law! I gave them a mega load of homework and will see them again tomorrow. I hope things continue to go well. It was truly, a great first day!!

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