Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Corn Island 2

Once we realized how awesome the view and breeze were from our casita, the lodge and the adjoining beach, we made a mutual, subconscious decision not to venture to the other side of the island for 3 days. It was a great idea and made us ever so grateful to have 2 full weeks in paradise to relax and explore at our leisure.  This is a photo heavy series so I won't try and post them any bigger for fear my posts will never load. Feel free to click on any photo to enlarge it (Auntie Shirley, that means left click).

I swam in the Caribbean Sea,

drank water from a freshly cut coconut,

read in my hammock,

experimented with macro photos,

went exploring,

followed signs to hidden beaches,

and enjoyed my new found beach all to myself....

I collected sea shells, a rare find on this island.

We met new people at the family style dinner served in the lodge and finally were lured out of our hammocks to cross over to the other side on the promise of an evening pub quiz.

We came in second place and won that bottle of rum.

The next day, we were back to our local beaches. I could not tire of the colors in the sky and in the sea. The rocks in the sand and even the driftwood. 

If there was a way this could have come home with me, I would have a great coffee table.

Even dead brain coral is pretty.

Finally, we decided to venture across the island again to catch a sunset.

The sunset was somehow nonexistent.

We enjoyed a rum punch at happy hour and then headed to what quickly became our favorite restaurant on the island, Little Habana. Where I had my first Caribbean lobster (they don't have claws).

 Despite high expectations, LCI did not leave me wanting for beaches, sunshine or delicious food.

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