Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Like Charades and Fish

Sometimes speaking to our Japanese friends was like playing charades. My favorite was when they sent us SMSs (TXTs for the Americans) with clip art and moving icons. Once Youmi sent photo message which also included two wine glasses "prosting" and a waving Hello Kitty. I couldn't handle the cuteness! Anyway, I decided it would be fun to start my Japan recaps with a bit of a photo post. Let's hope my meager blogger formatting skills can get me through this. On our third day in Tokyo, we woke up at the crack of dawn (3:30am to be exact) to visit the Tsukiji (say: Skijee) fish market. We heard from several people and tour books that this was an unique attraction not to be missed and you better show up early to witness thee Tuna auction. Our local friend had never been but as wiling t pick us up so early. After we found a parking spot and avoided several forklift drivers while running across the lot in the rain, we saw this and knew we were in the right place. It is true, there is a lot of packaging waste in Japan and the fish market is no exception. We quickly ducked inside out of the rain and made our way to the auctuction floor. It was a lot like the Chicago mercintile exchange, but a bit more literal. Once the fish were accounted for, they were quickly slid across the floor and loaded onto forklifts for delivery into the ajoining market. After they reached their new owners, the frozen Tunafish were cut up with electric saws and large knives. Tuna were the only fish avaliable at the auction but the expansive market sold every type of seafood I could imagine and then some, including this bright guy and giant mussels. Once we had an eyeful of tuna and sea creatures, we were off in search of breakfast. Our Japanese friend searched out what I equate to a Japanese diner. The other guests were fresh off their night shifts when we arrived around 7am. Unfortunately, I can't eat so early but Patrick enjoyed a delicious looking spread of fresh fish, rice an miso soup.The soup looked so good, I had one and best of all it was served by this woman: so it must be authentic.

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