Friday, July 17, 2009

AK-47 and a truck

Does God want us to have guns? WWJD? Would he carry a gun "they didn't have guns back then but I believe he would carry a sword if he needed it but he wouldn't need it, he's so powerful." Seriously, watch the clip yourself, I think this anchor woman did a good job of keeping her cool. So glad I'm from New England.


lukebourassa said...

OMG, CNN (and MSNBC) is incredibly left-leaning. I'm astounded at how biased all 24-hour news is, whether it leans left or right. Remember how neutral Tom Brokaw seemed?

This guy makes a compelling point--if he lives far from police response, then it makes sense, but I also think there's alot of fear-mongering mixed into the gun argument.

On a potentially related note, check this out:

Walzi said...

If God or Jesus or whatever he thinks is up there really loves and protects Christian believers like the Bible says, he wouldn't need a gun for self defense, would he?

But it's quite an interesting way of selling cars. Why guns? Seems quite random to me. Why not something nice? Like a laptop. Or maybe a bike, at least there's a connection.

American Girl said...

I think the point the reporter was making was not why a gun but why such a serious gun.

Walzi, I've seen an ad selling buy a car get a free bike but it was in the US so I'm not sure how sucessful it was.