Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can You Tell?

I got a new camera while in Japan (Narita airport on the way home to be exact). All photos in the previous post were taken with my new camera. Can you tell the difference? Is it for the better? The new camera is 9 mega pixel Sanyo a point and shoot camera/video camera, if you like the results and want to know the exact model just ask via comments. It was a complete impulse buy which actually surprised for several reasons. 1) I have a perfectly good camera that even takes good quality video clips. 2) I talked myself out of buying a super cute and waterproof camera just days prior based on reason #1. 3) The vacation was over, it's not like I could even justify this purchase with immediate use. 4) I pledged to myself that I would not buy anything unnecessary in 2009 and while this was focused on clothes and shoes, I didn't NEED a new camera. However, I am not having buyers remorse. It is super cute , easy to use and holds way more video than my Cannon. It also has a rechargeable battery and the shop assistant gave me a nice little converter to switch the plug from Euro to US (Japanese) when I travel. It has a flip around screen to improve those self (or duo) portraits, we all know I love to take. Best of all, it is no bigger than my current point and shoot and also stores to an SD-Card. I've never bought a camera with out either personal or Internet reviews and now that I have read some on this one, I'm not sure I would have purchased it as I've seen mixed reviews, but it received a very good in a meta analysis so that may have convinced me. I haven't had enough time to really give it a proper approval but thus far, I like it. The controls are super simple, the only downfall is it is a bit slow on taking pictures but I am confident that with a bit more use, I will figure out how to adjust this in settings. My one true negative on this camera is that the lens does not close so you need to me careful to avoid smudge marks and scratches. Don't worry, I resisted the urge to get the pink one and went with a red version with a matte finish.

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Patrick said...

Camera rocks! I think the sunflower picture is really great. Don't know why I wright this in the interwebs because I just told you. Well, you wanted me to.