Monday, February 13, 2012

Technology Got the Best of Me

I figured out the app problem. It was not really complicated but then became a bit more problematic. First, one of my two MIA posts went to my old wedding blog but now I know how to change the settings to only post here in the future. It becomes more problematic in that the app is not so great. I tried to post twice on Saturday and got an error which forced the app to close twice. I sent the second one off to Google as a bug report in hopes of a future update. Eventually, my post and accompanying photo logged as processing but nothing came of that. So, it looks like I will have to rewrite that post when I upload the photos on my lap top.

On a related note, I must admit to being completely dense at times. I used my phone as a camera for the first time at a party on Sat. and there are some really good photos I want to share with their subjects.The next morning, I tried to think about how I could do so without emailing the photos one at a time. I came into my office this morning and when my office mate asked if I uploaded the photos so she could view them, I got momentarily frustrated and told her I have not figured out how to easily do so. Then, before she could answer I screamed out I can plug the phone into the lap top! And this is just one example of how I miss things that should be apparent. I also wore my sport pants inside out to do sports last week. Not clear to anyone else as they were black but I should have realized as the inside was a bit fleecy and the outside a bit shiny...such is my life.

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