Thursday, February 09, 2012

Blogger App and Green Onions AKA Frühlingszwiebeln

I got a smartphone for Christmas (thanks P!) bringing me right into 2009 just in time for 2012. The point of this is not to tell you I was shamefully behind on my technology consumption but rather to now complain that technology has let me down. Once of the first apps I grabbed was blogger and I posted twice, once about snow and then about green onions. Both posts are not visable on the blog. The snow one may have been a bit of a whine but the green onions was based on an article I found on how to re-grow the green bit.

This is the green onion re-growth method I tried to post.

As mentioned in the original post, it is a simple method to freshen up the green bits once used or slightly wilted. This interested me for two reasons. First, I really prefer green onions to traditional onions even though I know they are not intended to substitute for the other, I often choose these instead. Second, I recently had dinner at a friend's place and he wanted to just use the white part and throw out the green in a salad he was making. Growing up, I only remember the opposite, use the green, disgard the white bit near the roots. I was not sure if this was a German vs. American thing or personal preference. I'm pretty sure P always starts witht he white bits too but he mostly never says anything when I use the green.We agreed to put half of the green bits int eh salad and everyone agreed it tasted good. Which brings be back to the linked post above. In the comments, some people noted that they throw out the white while otheres claim the white is the best. May it is not a cultural difference at all if I assume an English blog is mostly commented on by Americans (which is a huge and completely not scientific assumption). So now I am intrigued, do you use the greens or the whites? Have you ever re-grown green onions? And where did you learn either practice? Is it a cooking thing or a regional thing or just a case of I do it because my mom did it. I'm pretty sure I fall into the latter mom category.

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