Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Here Comes Malta

It seems I am constantly composing blog posts in my head in the moment but never actually typing them out. This was the case throughout our Malta trip back in April. I also took almost 700 photos over the course of the trip and thought about which ones I'd blog. Then I came home and didn't blog the trip at all. Last weekend I finally completed a photo book I'd been working on (only for a week, not since April) and it reminded me about blogging the trip. So, expect Malta posts about one per day from now on.

I will remind you that I arrived sans suitcase to an island off the coast of Africa known for its warm spring and sunshine only to be greeted by rain clouds and reports of 25 degrees back in Germany (this is insane for April).  I'v prepared a brief photo intro to set the scene.

Picked up our rental Kia around 2:30am, luckily there was another German couple doing the same as it came with no maps and our Google map showed street names but the streets we drove on were largely unlabeled and we had to drive across the island. Later, I learned that there used to be plenty of signs indicating the distance to the capital city of Valetta but they were removed because they made it too easy for enemy soldiers to find the city when the island was occupied. No one thought to reinstall them for tourists?
 The beach by our hotel on day 2

 Palm trees along the side of the road always make me happy, even when wet.
Patent leather ballerinas are not the appropriate shoes for rocky beaches. Since my suitcase missed 4 flights, I eventually bought flip flops the following day, unfortunately it was too late and these shoes had to be thrown out during the trip. Also, the day I got the flip flops was the day we decided to wander around on a cliff with cacti. 

 Despite it all, we were greeted by the prettiest water I have ever seen!

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