Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Fever

It's finally starting to feel like spring in Mannheim and I couldn't be happier with the morning sunshine in my office. In fact, it's prety addicting and making me crave more sun.
I'm ready for spring break! Too bad, that does not exist beyond college...I'm sort of in college, where' my break? The worst part is, Spring break is next week or at least, I'm pretty sure it would have been if I were still at URI since it was always over St. Patrick's Day. It also seemed that spring break fell on the birthday week of one of my college besties. I guess sharing your birthday with Spring break is a bit like having a summer birthday, something I know a lot about. It seems either you get to celebrate your birthday in a fun place (Miami and Ireland come to mind for M, while I remember Oslo and amusement parks for me) or you're celebrating alone because your friends are all off on vacation somewhere. This was supposed to be about vacations but alas I got distracted by birthdays, Happy Early Birthday M!
However, all is not lost as I do have a vacation planned for Easter. It just means I have to wait a little longer and hope the local sun remains consistant in my office window because I'll be spending a lot of time in the office between now and then!
The most exciting part about booking a vacation months in advance is the anticipation, somehow I have to build up more. We're going to the tiny island of Malta, a place I, nor anyone I know, has ever been. So I need some help with the anticipation. Have you been to Malta? What would you recommend we do? We'll have plenty of time to check out the entire island as well as it's neighbor Gorzo.
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