Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching up

It's been quite some time since my last entry but I guess you shuld expect the irregular blogging by now. It's not that I haven't wanted towrite or that I didn't have anything to write, it's more that I didn't have the time but enough with excuses, I'm making time to mostly post some photos. At the begining of the month, the weekend after I returned from the US, I went skiing in Austria but more excidely, I saw the Alps from the ground for the first time. Here are a few views:

The snowman family Barbra and I built. (note: the neon colors are what highlighters look like when you use them on snow.)

This is the village in which we stayed.

The mountain we skiied on day 1 (that's the gondola you can see, the actual skiing portion is above the fog.

A view from the gondola.

Waiting for the ski bus -my helmet is on my head but looks like it's too high because of the hat, trust me Niki shook it to make sure I was safe!

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