Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Since Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Germany (it really means nothing to Germans), we don't get Thursday and Friday off and have to settle for a postponed celebration on Saturday. Thus, yesteday served as Thanksgiving. I didn't take many pictures of people but the food was a huge attraction. The bird was about 7 kilos, around 16lbs. in American terms, and barely fit in our oven. In fact, our oven is permantly damaged as a result but it was delicious. Here are a few photos of the spread, and this is not including dessert which went largly untouched due to lack of space in everyone's bellies. In an effort to be good hosts, Patrick and I were prepared with 10 bottles of wine (5 white and 5 red). W anticipated that everone would drink wine with dinner but also know some people would need to drive home so we also got 3 large bottles of soda and 2 different types of juice. The reality of drink choice completely shocked me, all soda was completely gone, neither juice was touched and only 2 of our 10 bottles of wine had been imbibed. In addition, Sam and Enrico brought some wine, one bottle was gone, they left one with us and took 4 back home and 2 other bottles of wine were left as presents. Which means we now have more wine than our (usually empty) wine holder can handle. Patrick is already having thoughts of Feuerzangenbowle.
We were 10 people and managed to reach 30% Americans this year. It was a bit of a joint Thanksgiving with my friend Sam, we each invited friends and did some of the cooking and everyone got along nicely. Sam and her husband, Enrico have a cute baby girl who is about the same size as the turkey as you can see in the photo (the baby is the one dressed as a cow in case you couldn't tell) All around a good effort and a great evening.

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