Friday, June 06, 2008

a Month in the Life

I'm not looking foward to September. September is generally my least favorite month of the year. September has always stood for the ending of summer (my favorite time of the year) and the return to school. Pools close in September and homework resumes. Fun summer jobs gave way to after school activities - soccer was possibly the only highlight to September and I stopped playing 8 years ago. Last September brought a week of vacation including a visit from my parents and trip to Paris and Berlin. This September is going to be my demise. I just looked at my schedule and I have 5 events outside of Germany in that month. I will be in London, Helsinki, Russia, Brussels and Paris. This means I have more trips than weeks! Immediately following September, i'll fly to Rome for a week of conference and within this time we'll be planning at least 3 November events! Oh no. I will savior summer this year more than ever before. Oh, if only I could go back to camp where there are no worries and the responsibilities are easy.

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