Saturday, June 21, 2008

EM Fever

The European Championship (EM) happens every 4 years, alternating even years with the World Cup, of course I'm refering to soccer or football as those involved in the EM. We are now in the quarter final round and this round has brought about quite a few nailbiters that my American friends can't watch. Let's talk about last night's game featuring the Turkey v. Croatia. I was tiredall day and even more so after a hot and humid softball practice so I showered and planned to skip the game in favor of bed but as I walked over to say good night to Patrick, they were about to enter overtime. After 90 minutes the score stood at 0-0 and the trainers were called in to massage muscles before the 30 minute overtime began. I was dying for a shoot out and things were looking good as the score remained 0-0 until the 119th minute and Croatia scored, seemingly winning the game in over time. The team jumped on each other and the fans cheered, there was still one minute of injury time to play and one minute, 15 seconds later, Turkey equalized with no time left. I was psyched, it was shoot out time. Each team gets 5 players to each take one shot each....after7 total shots the game was over and Turkey won. Croatia was shocked, the men literally cried. You actually felt bad for them through the TV. This means that Turkey will play Germany in the quarter final. I'm looking foward to this game becasue Turks are the largest minority in Germany, at least in these parts but I think nationwide. Whatever the result, there will be parties in the streets for hours.
Today, I'm sitting her watching Russia v. Neatherlands in over time. It looks like it won't be quite the nailbiter as Russis just scored (after so many unsuccesful shots on net). Russia wins, Netherlansd are out. The betting pools are going to go crazy as the Netherlands was an early favorite to make it to the final. I'm sure many Germans are celebrating as this is the local rivarly.
On Wedensday, Germany plays Turkey, softball practive was appropriately cancelled so I'm planning to go to an open air viewing at a local brewery and watch the game with about 3,000 fans. I can't wait, my yellow flip flops are out, my red shirt is ready and today, Patrick bought me a Deutschland bracelet. The atmosphere is saturated with soccer and I'm soaking it up!

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LauraJerry said...

hey look I found your blog! I miss you Jen, Braunschweig just isn't the same without you! AND yes the soccer games are so exciting Turkey vs. Germany yesterday was a real nail biter. I was afraid Germany would loose. I might go to my first open air match on Sunday. YAY! hope things are going well for you in manheim.

<3 Laura