Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lizards in Miami

There’s a cool lizard outside, I run and get my camera. Upon my return, I am excited to see that he has not moved. I tip toe slowly over to him pointing my camera and ready to shoot once I am satisfied with the view. He shimmies over the side of the banister, I must get closer. I have him right where I want him so I plant my feet, lift my camera and splash, he’s in the ocean. I missed my opprutunity so I wander around, camera still out looking for another lizard. I am in Miami beach, there should be no shortage of lizards here. I notice one through the fence. I’ll never be able to get close enough to that one, but wait he looks wet….it’s the same lizard resurfaced and ready to sun, I try to get closer and he scampers off, running like lizards do with their legs so far out from their bodies. I’ve now lost the same lizard twice so I turn my attention to the pool. It looks swim able so I get closer and there’s a larger lizard out on the dock. The pool is not removed from my mind, I’m focusing on getting close to this guy without losing him. This one is about twice the size of the other and dosen’t look like he wants to go for a swim so I consider myself lucky. As he allows me to get closer and closer, I start to think about my safety. Lizards are related to crocs and they both swim so they must be closely related. Do lizards bite, will he lunge towards me if I get too close. Clearly lizards don’t live in Germany and despite our close proximity to the ocean in lil’Rhody, the cold winters are not suitable for lizards so I don’t know much about proper lizard protocol. In the end, I conclude that I’m still bigger than him so it can’t be that dangerous. I approach, I take the photo, and another, he turns his head, I get closer. I need to lean over thabanister to get the full shot that I’m aiming for, I do. He belly flops into the ocean legs spread out and instantly disappears with a small splash. I lean over the edge looking for him but there is no sign, the water is cloudy which leads me to believe it is also pretty deep. Do lizards know how to swim? Or do they just sink to the bottom and walk from there? I realize, I know very little about lizards. The only thing I know for certain is that they are cold blooded and must sun themselves to det energy, kind of like a solar panel. I also know there are no lizards in the pool thus, there should be a Jen in the pool!

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Walzi said...

Well, there are lizards in Germany, but only really small ones. No big deal. In fact, there is not a single dangerous species living here (if you don't count bees). We once had a crazy Italian bear wandering around (the media called him Bruno), and the whole country got nervous about it until he was shot. So if you get attacked by an animal here, it must be your neighbour's dog. (Or Beffi's sister's cat, it's the devil.)