Friday, January 15, 2010

2009 Firsts

I lied, I have some things to blog so I'm going to do it. I recently came across a blogger who wrote down her 2009 goals last year and then looked back on the list now to see what she accomplished. It was a nice reflection of where she was and how far she came. Since I didn't do that I thought I would start with listing some things I did for the first ime in 2009 and then follow up with a list of goals for 2010 so I can reflect in a year. 2009 Firsts
  • visited Asia (Japan)
  • skiied in the Alps
  • enrolled in a German course and actually made an effort to speak more German
  • began pilates classes
  • took up bike riding as a mode of transportation (and a fun summer hobby)
  • did not see the Atlantic ocean from RI at all (weird but true)
  • did not swim in any ocean (sadly not even while in Japan)
  • tried new foods
  • hosted my first adult birthday party
  • packed up an entire apartment
  • drove on the autobahn
  • got a German speeding ticket :(
  • picked a wedding cake
  • shot off a firework

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