Saturday, September 13, 2008

I've been Absent...It's not about to Change

Sorry about that, I was suddenly inspired to revamp my blog and then I got really busy and despite the fact that I have alot of posts in my head, I haven't had the time to get them on here. I guess this is what happens when I don't spend any time in airports. SO many things have been happening and will each get their own posts soon (I promise). First of all, I'm officially done with my job (even though I will be working unofficially for 1/2 day on Monday) and unemployed. I won't be unemployed for long becasue I am about to begin my doctoral studies at the University of Mannheim. I'm wicked excited and a bit nervous, if you're interested you can read the CV of my soon to be boss. I've recently learned that I'll have some free time between now and my start date of October 15th and thanks to Lufthansa was able to get a cheap flight to Boston, it was such a good deal that Patrick's coming too. He likes to remind me that he gets 25 vacation days each year so he'll be putting 10 of them towards this trip and we're hoping to combine a family visit, a friend's wedding, a suprise birthday party, our own wedding venue sourcing and a New England vacation in the time that he is there. We're also hoping the Euro will remain strong against the dollar for the next month as we are both looking foward to a visit to Wrentham ;)
However, in light of the big plans we have, including a wedding and 60th birthday party next week, we are going away for the weekend. We will be visiting the Castle Neuschwanstein which is a 3 hour drive but before I leave, I'll leave you with Wikipedia's insight into the Disney Castle.

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