Sunday, August 03, 2008

Painting to avoid people

Last night, a friend of Patrick's called and asked if we would be able to provide a place to sleep for a friend of his girlfriend. Aparently she was planning to stay in his apartment overnight to catch and early morning flight while he and his roomates were away. The problem was that he forgot to leave the key with the neighbor. So about 3 hours before she was due to arrive he called us in a panic and asked if we could provide shelter. Now this put me in an interesting place. Of course I didn't want to say no because then she would be in a terrible situation but I also didn't want to spend my Saturdaynight making idle German conversation with a stranger. Patrick being the ore compassionate one, was ready to say yes in an instant. I, on the other hand being DSL was worried about the awkard situation that would leave me feeling uncofortable in my apartent. We came to the concludion that we would let her stay and I would just be doing something when she arrived so I didn't have to get into an awkard evening of German small talk and it all worked out...kind of. I hung out on the porch painting which actually intrigued her and let to small talk but it was in English and she was interesting enough for the 20 or so minutes she was awake considering she got in around 11:30 and needed to leave before 7:00am. < >
In case you are interested, I've included 2 pictures of my painting. This was my first attempt at shading and painting a big flower and I quite like how it came out.

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