Friday, May 02, 2008

Buzz Buzz

I have a bee problem. I spend most of my days working from the "Winter Garden" for the sunshine. I usually open at least one window from the top and at various points in the day I hear the buzzing of a defeated bee. Much like in Bee Movie, one lone bee flies in the window and then can't get out. They always try to fly out through the other windows and then fall down and get stuck on their backs. Eventually they get up and I get up and open the window the bee keeps crashing into or teh one next to it so i can coax him to his exit becasue I'm sick of his buzzing. I could just squich them but the worls needs bees and they're already dying out so I help them along and send them on their way. This has happened so often in the past week that Patrick refers to the bees as pets - and he's only sees half of them!

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